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Medaka-chan by Pol00
Si hago a Kumagawa, no podía faltar la que da nombre a la serie, para bien y para mal ("Las simpáticas aventuras de Misogi-kun y sus tornillos" molaría más, pero bueno).
Un personaje que a ratos da gusto querer y otros da gusto odiar.

Personaje del manga -Medaka Box-
Misogi-kun by Pol00
Echo de menos a Kumagawa Misogi, ya no hacen personajes de manga como él...
"Even if it hurts. Even if it's hard. Even if you're weak. Even if you aren't right. Even if you're humble. Through all of that, we Minus always laugh!"

Personaje del manga -Medaka Box-, no mío XD
Magical gurrus by Pol00
Magical gurrus
Para el art-jam de subcultura de septiembre de 2014, la videoartista y la pelirroja (personajes de gurrupurru ) convertidas en magical girls :)
Personajes de
1. I'll tell you what I've learned about you by the look of your DA page.
2. Tell you a color you remind me.
3. I'll tell you what element you belong (water, earth. Fire, air, etc..).
4. I'll tell you which of your OCs is my favorite.
5. I'll ask you a question and you must answer.
6. I'll tell you a few things I like about your art.
7. I'll give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what I'm doing right now.
9. I will say that food, taste and smell remind me.
10. I tell you to do this in your journal, if you have not already done so.


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